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After focussing solely on Hearthstone until now we decided to finally venture into another esport, adding the former NAR v2 Dota 2 team to our roster. We hope all of you are just as excited as we are!


Our team has been looking into venturing to other esports for a long time, but finding the right esport & the right players/teams isn't an easy task, so we carefully decided our next steps and are happy to have found such a great team in the former NAR v2 team. On this occasion Archon's team founder Jason "Amaz" Chan naturally has a few words to share with all of you:


"I'm very excited to see NARv2 become a part of Team Archon. I've always been careful on selecting new teams for Archon: they have to be highly skilled and I believe these guys have the potential for success. They will be playing in the TI5 Wildcard Qualifier for a spot in the playoffs, and I will be cheering them on to advance and make magic happen. You, the viewers, should cheer for your new Dota 2 Archon team as well!"


Of course the team members themselves also have something to say:


"We’re incredibly excited to join the ranks of Team Archon, and we’re thankful for their support as we prepare for and move towards The International 2015. Though Archon is an emerging organization, they’ve proven what a force they can be in other esports and how excited they are to break into new games. We’re happy to announce our partnership and grateful for the opportunity to represent Archon and North America at TI."  Greg 'WhatIsHip' Laird, Team Manager


"We're very happy to be able to represent Archon as their first Dota 2 venture. The team will be training very hard in the upcoming weeks in preparation for TI5's wildcard slots at our bootcamp graciously provided to us on such short notice." Team Captain Scott 'Chad' Jensen


The team will now prepare for the upcoming wildcard slots for the biggest Dota 2 tournament to date, The International 5. We hope they will succeed and will cheer for them along the way and hopefully our fans and supporter will do the same.


But let's take a closer look at the new Dota 2 team:

Team Captain 

Scott 'Chad' Jensen

Chad, who is the only canadian player on the team, played in the International 2, after which he took a break from professional Dota for a while. Now he is back as the team captain for our team and will play one of the support roles in our line-up.


Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas

Long-time veteran Fogged will bring his years of experience from Dota, HoN & Dota 2 to our new team, playing the support alongside team captain Chad. Essential to the early game movement of the team and ensuring the laning phase goes smoothly.

Steven 'Korok' Ashworth

Another long-time veteran of the scene, Korok brings his skills and experience to our team's midlane. An aggresive style, Korok likes to create space on the map through heroes like Storm Spirit, Puck, Magnus, and Earthshaker.

Arif 'MSS' Anwar

MSS, who will play offlane for Team Archon, is not an unfamiliar name in the scene either, as he played for Evil Geniuses, Team Dog & mousesport before, narrowly missing out on the top 8 of the last years International. MSS looks to also create space from the offlane, often on heroes like Clockwerk or Axe.

Chris 'USH' Usher

Chris is 19 years old and the upcoming 'The International 5' will be his first TI tournament so far. He's a very strong mechanical player and people have very high expectations for him. He will be playing the safe lane position for the team.

Jared 'Pandaego' Fletcher

Team Coach

Jared, who played for eHug in the year 2014, will be supporting the team as the official team coach.

Robert 'Bdiz' Tinnes


Former Dignitas & Evil Geniuses player Bdiz will function as the team analyst for Team Archon, playing another important support role.

Greg 'WhatIsHip' Laird

Team Manager

Greg will represent the team as the team manager. A long time member of the Dota 2 scene casting for GosuGamers, joinDota, Beyond the Summit, and founding his own studio HighGroundTV.


We hope you're as hyped about this news as we are and hope you will continue to support our team! We love you all!

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