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Don't Miss Out - 10am PDT Wednesday and Thursday

Watch the stream on Amaz's twitch channel at twitch.tv/amazhs. You can also keep track of the league records and scores on this page. VODs and other special videos can be found at youtube.com/amazhs.

New Format:
Team Conquest

In this new team styled format, players will have to come with 6 unique decks across 3 players and win a best-of-11 Conquest.
Not only do they have to come up with solid decklists, but they also need to choose which player pilots which decks.

Huge Prize Pool:

High stakes is the name of the game: Watch as our 8 teams battle it out for a share of a quarter of a million dollars.
This is most definitely the biggest league in Hearthstone as of yet!

Big Names, Big Talent

With the best Hearthstone players in the world such as Firebat, Strifecro, and Lifecoach, and talented casters such as Kripparrian, Frodan, and Reckful, the whole Hearthstone family will be here to deliver exciting matches for you every week.