By Noobberry

*** This article was made shortly after the release of GvG.**

Written by Julio “Noobberry” Liu

Amaz’s Paladin “Wrathgate” Deck


Hello I’m Noobberry, This control Paladin deck deals with early control with cheap and early minions while using late game bombs to finish the game such as Avenging Wrath, Dr.Boom and Tirion Fordring.



During mulligan phrase, look for the following cards for your starting hand:

  • Zombie Chow (Throw away against priest)
  • Ironbeak Owl (Against Aggro)
  • Knife Juggler
  • Shielded Minibot
  • Muster for Battle
  • Truesilver Champion
  • Coghammer
  • Aldor Peacekeeper (against warlock)


Zombie Chow – This perfect card one drop deals with aggressive matchups such as hunter decks and mech decks. When dropped, this creature on turn 1 will buy you one or two turns because it trades against their smaller minions.

Ironbeak Owl –Perfect minion through the game. I would advise to keep one owl against classes that have deathrattle abilities such as Mad Scientist and Piloted Shields. Silence deals with many things in the game such as taunts and most important, Sylvanas Windrunner.

Knife Juggler - Could be played turn 2 just like a 3/2 minion. The best card to combo with is Muster to Battle due to its combination power it deals when played together inflicting 3 damage randomly at your enemy. Combine with equality as well for increase chance of hitting their minions.

Aldor PeaceKeeper – Perfect against mid and late game minions, it shuts down many cards with high damage input in their deck.

Big Game Hunter – The perfect card against those Dr.Boom that is pretty much everywhere in the meta right now. Deals with many other legendaries as well.

Defender of Argus – Gives two of your minions +1/+1 with taunt with value. Since your hero power spawns 1/1 Silverhand recruits, you can combined them with Defender of Argus and give it the bonus giving it a great synergy. Other cards that benefit with this card late game is Muster to Battle on turn 7 when combined.

Antique Healbot - Healing minion which gives 8 health. 8 health is considered a lot because it literally buys more than 3 turns of life back especially against hunter and rogues. The card is perfect to play against combos such as Druid’s Force rawr and Warrior’s Gnomish Hellscream charges.

Harrison Jones – Destroying your enemy’s weapon as well as drawing cards from it gives you the biggest deal in your life. This card literally shut downs tons of classes with weapons such as Rogues ‘ value dagger and hunter’s Eaglehorn Bow. In the mirror matches against Paladins, destroying their Truesilver Champion, a high durability light’s justice or a fallen Tirion’s Ashbringer brings you the upper advantage against them. As the meta stands against rogues being the top line up, Harrison Jones is a must have.

Quartermaster – Your Silverhand recruits will be more buffed thanks to quartermaster’s ability to turn them from 1/1 to 3/3. Combined with muster to battle, this combo is devastating thanks to the amount of board control your enemy has to deal with.

Sludge Bulchers – A chunky card against aggro match up or even call it a staple card on many control decks. This sticky minion provides a good amount of board control since after it dies, it spawns an addition minion your enemy must deal.

Sylvanas Windrunner – This legendary is a staple in many decks certainly running right now. When played, it becomes a sticky threat your enemy has to deal with. The obviously biggest weakness is silence but playing it as a solo 5/5 on an empty board will force them to reconsider what minion they want to play out.

Dr.Boom – One of the holy grail of Hearthstone legendaries, this overpowered legendary is a must play in any deck right now due to the amount of power it gives on the boom. Those boom bots will deal huge damage and can even kill large minions if your RNG is in your flavour. Just watch out for everyone playing that Big Game Hunter.

Tirion Fordring – Considered the best class legendary in the game, the amount of value of this card it brings is unbelievable. A 6/6 body with taunt and divine shield is anything you can ask. When it dies, it brings in a very strong 5/3 Ashbringer to wield. The downside of this card is that it is variable to a lot of cards such as silences and Mind Control in priest decks.

Silverhand Recruits (also known as your hero power) - Press it ever turn you can, it will bring max value especially against control matchups. Combine it with Knife Juggler and Quartermaster for an extra bonus.

Spells & Weapons

Equality – Turning all minions into 1 health minions are completely wipe their board. Your Silverhand recruits will be able to clean them instead of using your playable minions. The best use with equality is consecration even it becomes a complete boardwipe on the other side giving you’re the upper advantage of the game.

Coghammer - Or I such I say value hammer, giving your minion taunt and divine shield is a bonus great when trading since it won’t kill off your minion. The weapon is great against aggressive match ups since it literally destroy early minions. The taunt blocks a lot of creatures coming through you so it will buy more turns until the late game.

Muster for Battle – Oh goodie, 3 1/1 minions for the price of 3 mana is amazing value. This card brings in board control as well as a handy ¼ light’s justice to pick off any small minions or divine shield. Combine Knife Juggler or Quartermaster to bring the highest value of Muster for Battle.

TrueSilver Champion – Literally the best “lets pick off those pesky early drops” weapon in the entire game, the strong 4 powered weapon destroys anything in the beginning of the game. The healing is a great bonus since it gives the sustain value against many match ups. It even can save you from common combos of the game.

Consecration – The board wipe card of the deck is suitable against aggro decks. Against control, this card doesn’t bring that much value alone unless combined with equality to pick off legendries and chunky sticky minions they have on the other side of the board.

Avenging Wrath – Also known as YOLO missiles, like Amaz said in the video, try not to this card on a chunky minion, use it to pick off smaller creatures since its brings a huge amount of board control in your favour during late game. Attempt to setup lethal as well if you can with the card

Lay on Hands – Probably one of the strongest cards in the game, this card gives the ability to make a comeback at the end point of the game. When casted against an aggro deck, it gives a feel of a comeback and miracle since it gives you the greater advantage in health and cards.

Deck Techs

When played again AGGRO consider putting in

  • Zombie Chow
  • Holy Light
  • Senjin Shieldmasta

Remove 2 Equality, 1 Defender of Argus and 1 owl.

When against midrange consider putting in

  • Piloted Shredders


Remove 1 Coghammer and 1 owl


When against control consider putting in

  • Another Big Game Hunter
  • Stampeding Kodo
  • Humidity
  • Ragnarnos the Firelord

Remove 1 Equality, 1 Coghammer , 1 Ironbeak Owl and 1 Antique Healing bot.



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