"Druid can beat anything. Just draw Innervate." - Firebat


In the early game Druid ramps up its mana with Wild Growth and cheats out large creatures with what is possibly the best card in the game, Innervate. Turn 1 Innervate Shade of Naxxramas turn 2 Wild Growth turn 3 Piloted Shredder is a very easy way to win a game of Hearthstone. Druid has flexible creatures in the mid game such as Keeper of the Grove, and Druid of the Claw. In the late game, Ancient of Lore can refill the Druid's hand and help assemble the dreaded Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo. Emperor Thaurissan is particularly deadly in this deck because it allows the combo to be played a full 2 turns sooner, and sometimes even allowing bigger combos such as double Force of Nature or double Savage Roar.


  • STRONG vs.
    • Control Warrior, Freeze Mage, slow decks
  • WEAK vs.
    • Zoo, Decks with Mirror Entity, aggressive decks



  • The Druid that has Innervate is usually a favorite as the first person to develop a minion is very much ahead
  • Always look to beat your opponent in answering/developing the board; otherwise, set up lethal

  • Keeper of the Grove is an important card as it could trade up to 3 for 1
  • You cannot stall forever - look to kill them 1 turn before they can

  • Against Aggro/Midrange archetypes, Keeper of the Grove procs Mirror Entity quite well
  • Against Freeze Mage, pressure them early on and use your Keeper of the Grove and Loatheb in key turns

  • You may want to consider keeping Swipe against Muster for Battle - your only real reliable option against that
  • Try not to save your Keeper of the Grove for Tirion Fordring when there's a good opportunity to use it (eg. killing a Knife Juggler)

  • Develop as many 4-attack minions as you can - Piloted Shredder is amazing
  • Try not to play Keeper of the Grove into Cabal Shadow Priest post turn 6
  • Be careful of Sap when deciding to play minions
  • Druid of the Claw is usually played in Taunt mode to prevent dying to Eviscerate

  • A very hard matchup; you'll need to either ramp up with Wild Growth or develop early minions with Innervate to keep up with the constant flow of minions

  • Against Zoo, Keeper of the Grove is an insane keep
  • Against Handlock, be patient about reducing your opponent's health, rack up lots of minions on the board, and then finish their health all at once

  • Knowing when to reveal your Shade of Naxxramas is the key to this matchup: do it when you play a Loatheb or play a Taunt behind it


  • In General...
    • Innervate+++, Wild Growth+++, Shade of Naxxramas+, Wrath+
  • Specific Matchups...
    • vs. Warlock/Mage/Hunter: Keeper of the Grove
    • vs. Priest: Wrath
    • vs. Paladin/Warrior: Harrison Jones
  • Do Not Keep...
    • -Force of Nature, -Savage Roar, -Dr. Boom, -Ragnaros

Tech Cards

  • VS. Aggro:
    • Zombie Chow, second Sludge Belcher
  • VS. Control:
    • Azure Drake, second Big Game Hunter
  • VS. Mage/Hunter
    • Kezan Mystic

Notable Players/Tournaments

  • Coming soon

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