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Face Hunter is as you can hear by the name a deck that is all about just killing your opponent while ignoring their minions, and doing it fast. It is commonly known as the deck that requires the least skill to play since anyone can play charge minions and aim them at their face. But honestly there are a lot of tricky things to this deck as to know how to maxmimize the use of your hero power and when you should do that, how to play around cards like Antique Healbot and how to roll Huffer with your Animal Companion.
You are always the aggressor in every matchup so try to get out of the gates early with your multiple onedrops and from there on just press your advantage and damage while letting your opponent desperatly respond to your every move, eventually you can burn them out with Quick Shots and Kill Commands when you've charged them low enough. Remember to generally use your charge minions before your burn spells in case they set up a taunt later in the game.


  • STRONG vs.
    • Oil Rogue, Hybrid Hunter, Handlock, Mech Shaman
  • WEAK vs.
    • Warrior, Priest, Freeze Mage



  • You have to be really aggresive and hope they don't draw Innervate. Cards that cause you trouble are Druid of the Claw, Keeper of the Grove and Ancient of Lore. Have a plan against all three of those.

  • This matchup is basicly about who gets to take the role of the aggresor. The player that has to react to the opponent does always lose in this mirror.

  • Eaglehorn Bow is really good against tempo and Mech Mage. Since they have no way of healing you can usually spend some of your resources keeping the board in check.
  • Against Freeze Mage save your Owl for their Doomsayer and if they're low you can use it on Scientist to prevent them from getting Ice Barrier. Never attack creatures.

  • Try to kill them before turn 8 because Lay on Hands is usually really backbreaking. Knife Juggler+Unleash is really good when they try to set up Muster for Battle to deal with your X/1s.

  • Try to pressure them with minions and get some of them to stick. Direct damage isn't very useful because they are usually out of range from using their hero power.
  • Rogue doesn't play taunts and takes a lot of damage from clearing your minions with their weapon. Use Bow to kill SI:7 Agent and Earthen Ring Farseers and push with your creatures and direct damage.

  • Shamans are really good at establishing board control early which means it's even more important to sneak in as much damage as possible with weapons and charge minions. They have almost no ways of healing.

  • Against Zoo just try to get ahead on the board and go as much face as possible so they can't use their hero power.
  • Against Handlock you can't play scared of Molten Giants. Try to set it up so they don't get a great opportunity to play them but always attack them, sometimes you just have to attack them to 10 and pray they don't have Healbot AND Molten, but most of the time they do since they mulligan aggresively for those cards.

  • Bad times... Try to get something to stick because you won't have enough damage otherwise through their hero power, Armorsmiths and eventual Shield Blocks/Shieldmaidens. Yeah... sounds great, doesn't it?



  • Vs Aggro
    • Leper Gnome+++, Worgen Infilitrator++, Mad Scientist+++, Glaivezooka+, Haunted Creeper+++, Bow+, Knife Juggler+, Abusive Sergeant++
  • Vs Control
    • Worgen Infiltrator+++, Abusive Sergeant++, Haunted Creeper++, Mad Scientist+++
  • Specific Matchups...
    • vs. Warlock/Hunter: Ironbeak Owl
    • vs. Mechs/Rogue Eaglehorn Bow
    • vs. Priest Animal Companion
  • Do Not Keep...
    • Explosive Trap, Wolfrider, Arcane Golem, Unleash the Hounds, Kill Command.

Tech Cards

  • VS. Aggro:
    • Argent Squire
  • VS. Control:
    • Leeroy Jenkins, Freezing Trap

Notable Players/Tournaments

  • Pretty much anyone on ladder.

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