"Wait, that was a freezing trap?!" - Everyone who sees turn 1 Leper Gnome turn 3 Wolfrider


Hybrid Hunter finds a nice balance between midrange and face Hunter. Sometimes you trade, other times you hit them in the face. Leper Gnome and Wolfrider give you lots of pressure, while Piloted Shredder and Savannah Highmane give you staying power. Freezing Trap is much better than Explosive, and Snake Trap is not effective in some metagames (eg, Grim Patron); sometimes your opponent might even misread your trap thinking you are another archetype of Hunter. Performing well with this deck will depend on your decision when presented with multiple options to develop the board or rush in for damage.


  • STRONG vs.
    • Handlock, Patron Warrior, Druid
  • WEAK vs.
    • Face Hunter



  • A solid matchup as Druids either answer your creatures or develop the board - not both

  • Against Face Hunter, try to rush them down faster as your lack of Sludge Belchers prevents you from playing a Control game
  • Against Midrange Hunter, rush them down as well - do not give them time to develop into strong bombs

  • Develop early minions and use them to hit your opponent
  • Freezing Trap and weapons deal with their creatures
  • Against Freeze Mage, Ironbeak Owl and Loatheb are your key draws

  • Haunted Creeper is one of the best cards to keep
  • Do not depend on Savannah Highmane on a losing board, it gets cleared very easily

  • Rush them down before they can stabilize
  • Eaglehorn Bow helps against their 3/3 minions
  • Do not worry about your 1 health creatures dying to hero power (Wolfrider dealing 6 damage is exceptional)

  • Look for a 1-drop aggressively to clear those pesky totems

  • Against Zoo, you'll need to setup for an explosive turn with Knife Juggler+UTH; Haunted Creeper is also amazing
  • Against Handlock, try to save your burn for the last points of damage when they put big Taunts

  • Clear the board as much as you can with weapons, and look to drop a Savannah Highmane on an empty board


  • In General...
    • Leper Gnome+++, Mad Scientist+++, Abusive Sergeant++, Knife Juggler+, Haunted Creeper++ Animal Companion+
  • Specific Matchups...
    • vs. Rogue: Eaglehorn Bow
    • vs. Warlock, Hunter: Ironbeak Owl, Unleash the Hounds
  • Do Not Keep...
    • -Kill Command, -Freezing Trap, -Loatheb, -Wolfrider, -Quickshot

Tech Cards

  • VS. Aggro:
    • Explosive Trap, Unleash the Hounds
  • VS. Control:
    • Hunter's Mark

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