"Face is NOT the place" - Backspace


> Survive the early game. Weapons are great for keeping their board clear. Drawing minimum 2 cards with Acolyte of Pain is crucial to many matchups. Eventually you win by slamming a series of legendaries. Alexstrasza in to Grommash Taskmaster lethals are pretty good in control mirrors.


  • STRONG vs. Freeze Mage, Face Hunter, Rogue
  • WEAK vs. Combo Druid, Midrange Hunter



  • Try to get ahead on board. You're probably going to have a bad time.

  • Highmanes and Freezing Traps are bad times. Explosive Traps and Arcane Golems, however, usually struggle against all that armor.

  • Consider holding a small minion for Mirror Entity. Your strategy against Mages is always to outlast them. Try to hold an answer for Antonidas.

  • Mulligan for a way to deal with Muster for Battle. Drawing extra cards from Acolyte is crucial.

  • Be patient. Kill all of their dudes. Don't play in to their tricks. Be patient.
  • Kill all of their stuff. Outlast them.

  • Against mech just survive. Against control try to have pressure on board to keep their totems in check.

  • Mulligan for Zoo because the early game is so important in that matchup. Against Handlock be patient and don't give them Moltens unless you have Brawl.

  • .Save Brawl for Patrons. Try to bomb train them. They can actually kill you from 50+life if you let them set up.



  • Vs Aggro
    • Fiery War Axe+++, Death's Bite+++, Armorsmith+++, Cruel Taskmaster++
  • Vs Control
    • Acolyte of Pain+++, Death's Bite+++
  • Specific Matchups...
    • Keep Brawl vs. Mage, Shaman, Paladin, Warrior
  • Do Not Keep...
    • Things that cost more than 5, Shield Slam, Shield Block

Tech Cards

  • VS. Aggro:
    • Zombie Chow, Kezan Mystic, Ironbeak Owl
  • VS. Control:
    • Loatheb, Ragnaros, Nefarian

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