"Unexpected and unpredictable"


The Shockadin is a deck which incorporates a more aggresive playstyle than the other typical Paladin archetypes. Because of this, most opponents will often mulligan incorrectly or even play their first few turns suboptimally, so use this to your advantage. Always seek to establish board presence by flooding the board with several sticky minions such as Argent Squire and Shielded Minibot, and further secure your advantage with Coghammer and Truesilver Champion. Put the pressure on with Blessing of Might and Loatheb, and look to finish your opponent off with Hammer of Wrath and Avenging Wrath.


  • STRONG vs.
    • Druid, Rogue (Ramp Decks in general)
  • WEAK vs.
    • Face Hunter, Warlock (all types)



  • Minions with Divine Shield are very tough for them to deal with
  • Divine Favor usually gains huge value in this matchup after your first wave of attack

  • Argent Squire, Knife Juggler, and Muster for Battle are your tools to effectively deal with your opponent's minions
  • Watch your health and always count - kill your opponnet 1 turn before they do

  • Mirror Entities are quite weak if you proc them with your 1-drops
  • Against Mechmage, don't be too overaggressive as Goblin Blastmage can punish you easily

  • Against midrange Paladin, you must be the first to establish board pressure

  • Don't overcommit on all 1-health minions when given a choice - Wild Pyromancer is very effective (moreso if they go 2nd)
  • Rush them down fast as Rogues need time to develop their board
  • Try not to play into Fan of Knives or Blade Flurry

  • A 2/1 minion as an opening can clear totems quite easily

  • Against Zoo you must be the first to establish minions - Nerubian Eggs and Imp-losion are very hard to deal with
  • Against Handlock, Equality and Divine Favor are very strong mid-late game

  • .Try not to get punished early on against Fiery War Axe and Cruel Taskmaster, when given the choice



  • Vs Aggro
    • Argent Squire+++, Knife Juggler+, Shielded Minibot++, Muster for Battle++
  • Vs Control
    • Argent Squire+++, Knife Juggler++, Shielded Minibot++, King Mukla++, Muster for Battle+
  • Do Not Keep...
    • Equality, Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath

Tech Cards

  • VS. Aggro:
    • Haunted Creeper, Annoy-o-tron
  • VS. Control:
    • 2nd Ironbeak Owl

Notable Players/Tournaments

  • FRID, who used it in Pinnacle 4 with a 9-1 record

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