"Ramp Druid - it's like facing a WoW boss" - Fact


The Ramp Druid deck is arguably the highest curve deck that can still work, all thanks to Innervate and Wild Growth. With these tools, the early game is all about accelerating into the late game and dropping bomb after bomb in such a way your opponent gets overwhelmed by them. With taunt creatures from Sen'jin Shieldmasta' all the way to Cenarius, aggro decks will find it very hard to deal with them without direct removal. Swing cards such as Emperor Thaurissan, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Dr. Boom help the midrange and control matchups. Just be very careful as this deck does not have a win condition such as Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo.


  • STRONG vs.
    • Face/Hybrid Hunter, Mech Mage, Warlock (all types), Patron Warrior
  • WEAK vs.
    • Midrange Paladin, Priest, Oil Rogue, Control Warrior



  • A matchup to see who ramps up first, although your deck is more defensive so look to make favorable trades more often

  • Keeper of the Grove does wonders early game
  • Overwhelm them with Taunts but watch out for Freezing Trap

  • Be very careful of Mirror Entity - Zombie Chow and Keeper of the Grove are your activators
  • Against Freeze Mage you must put on the pressure early, or try to gain armor every turn

  • Equality and Aldor Peacekeeper can ruin your day
  • However, when they Equality and Consecrate your board, they usually don't have follow-up

  • Be careful with how you sequence your threats. Basicly they need to provide answers for your threats so make sure you get your most important minion to stick by playing it last.
  • Try to keep their board in check. If Rogue at anytime get one or two minions in play they can easily out-tempo you with Sap or a big Blade Flurry.

  • Shaman doesn't really have an efficent sweeper for big minions so just set up as many big taunts as possible until they run out of Earth Shocks and Hex. Fire Elemental is a (literally) huge problem for the deck.

  • Against Zoo Innervate is your best card. Besides Power Overwhelming they have no way of getting through early big taunts, multiple of them ruin their day.
  • Against Handlock just try to set up a big board while keeping them out of Molten Giant+Shadowflame reach and kill them through a high life total while you keep Mountain Giants and Drakes in check with Big Game Hunter and Keeper.

  • .Against Patron be aware of Execute on your Ancient of War can be huge blowout, try to run them out of Execute before you rely to heavily on your big taunts.
  • Control Warrior is bad times. To much efficent removal and you have no way of bursting them down. You can grind them out if you draw Cenarius and at least one Lore.



  • Vs Aggro
    • Innervate+++, Wild Growth++, Zombie Chow+++, Keeper of the Grove+, Wrath+, Sen'jin Shieldmasta+
  • Vs Control
    • Wild Growth+++, Innervate++, Emperor Thaurissan+, Ancient of Lore+
  • Specific Matchups...
    • Keep Keeper against Warlock, Big Game Hunter if you know they play Handlock
    • Keep Ragnaros against Freeze Mage
    • Keep Kezan against Mage and Hunter
  • Do Not Keep... 
  • Sylvanas, Ancient of War, Cenarius, Ragnaros etc.

Tech Cards

  • Against Aggro
    • Second Zombie Chow
    • Mind Control Tech
    • Sunwalker
  • Against Control
    • Kel'thuzad
    • Sneed's Old Shredder

Notable Players/Tournaments

  • Gaara (winner of Dreamhack Bucharest using Ramp Druid)

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