"The Golden Rule: If you hit your opponent's face with Highmane, you win!" - Amaz 


The Midrange Hunter specializes in controlling the board in the early game with value minions such as Haunted Creeper, Mad Scientist, and Animal Companion. Cards like Piloted Shredder and Houndmaster further strengthen the Hunter's board. By the point when Savannah Highmane and Dr. Boom are played, your opponent should be at low enough health that Eaglehorn Bow, Unleash the Hounds, and Kill Command will be enough to finish them before the game transitions into the late game.


  • STRONG vs.
    • Combo Druid, Tempo Mage, Warlocks (All), Control Warrior
  • WEAK vs.
    • Face Hunter, Priest (All), Rogue (Oil, Miracle)












  • In General...
    • Webspinner+, Knife Juggler++, Mad Scientist+++, Haunted Creeper+++, Animal Companion+
  • Specific Matchups...
    • vs. Rogue: Eaglehorn Bow++
    • vs. Priest: Animal Companion+++, Hunter's Mark+++ (Deathlord Priest)
    • vs. Warrior (Control): Savannah Highmane+
  • Do Not Keep...
    • -Any Trap, -Dr. Boom, -Ragnaros

Tech Cards

  • VS. Aggro:
    • Explosive Trap(s), Abusive Sergeant
  • VS. Midrange:
    • Snake Trap, Stampeding Kodo
  • VS. Control
    • Stranglethorn Tiger, The Black Knight

Notable Players/Tournaments

  • Orange (played at Seatstory Cup 2, ESL Katowice)
  • Lifecoach (played an early version of it, deemed "Sunshine Hunter")

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