Fun Deck: Hobo Mage


This week's fun deck is a Hobgoblin Echo Mage. It functions similarly to Reynad's Flood Mage, in that you overextend the board with small minions, and use card draw, Duplicate, and Echo of Medivh to repopulate the board faster than your opponent can deal with it. Hobgoblin and Sea Giant crea...

In Defense Of: Drakonid Crusher


The initial reviews were fairly consistent: Hungry Dragon had star potential, and Drakonid Crusher was, well, an arena card. Another dumb, fat minion printed under the misconception that becoming a Big Game Hunter target is an upside. Now that the dust has begun to settle, though, it's become cl...

Deck Tech: Bring All the Bling


Amaz amazes us with his signature Blingtron Priest deck, while showing off all the combos and tricks!IntroductionThis Priest deck is especially strong against aggro and control decks, with an emphasis against weapon classes. Matchups against midrange decks such as Druids and Rogues are more challeng...

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