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The tournament started off with phase one, which was a 128 man qualifier, it allowed the top 16 players to advance to the next phase.

Phase two of the tournament featured the top 16 of the previous phase and 8 invited players to complete in a three group double elimination bracket. The winner of each group advanced to the main tournament. The runner ups of each group played a separate round robin to determine the fourth and last qualifer spot.

Tomflr, FRID and Muzzy were the winners of their respective groups. Forsen, Waningmoon and Zetalot were the runner ups who competed in a round robin format. In the end the 4 qualified players that would be competing in the main event were Tomflr, FRID, Muzzy and Forsen.

Four players were invited to the main event of the tournament that was held from April 3 to April 5. The four players were Darkwonyx, TidesofTime, Thijs and PurpleDrank.

These eight players competed in a double elimination bracket featuring two groups and a best out of 5 Conquest format.

Group A consisted of PurpleDrank, FRID, Forsen and Thijs.

Group B consisted of TidesofTime, Muzzy, Tomflr and Darkwonyx.

Day one featured group A where FRID went undefeated and advanced to the final day of the event as the winner of his group. PurpleDrank climbed to the top of the loser bracket allowing him to compete on Sunday as well.

Day two featured group B where Muzzy came out ahead of TidesofTime and beating out Tomflr becoming the winner of the group. Tomflr advanced out of the loser bracket after losing to Muzzy.

Day three started off with FRID vs Muzzy which would become the featured matchup of the tournament. Muzzy defeats FRID, sending him into the loser bracket. They eventually meet again with Muzzy having a series advantage over FRID due to being the player in the winners bracket. FRID manages to take the first series, but ends up losing the second.

This crowns Muzzy as the Pinnacle 4 champion and FRID as the runner up, winning $2,500 and $1,500 respectively.

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