By StoTheXx

Welcome to our new website!

While it's still a bit empty on the site right now, we are in the middle of assembling a team of awesome and highly motivated writers, so the site will be filled with new and interesting content in no time.

Right now the team is preparing for a lot of events, but as soon as the tournament scene calms down a bit they too will add content to the site on a regular basis!

The site isn't perfect yet and our webadmin & designers are still working on a lot of features to further improve functionality & design, but we think that the site is pretty cool nonetheless, so we decided to launch it today!

We plan on bringing you new content every day of the week, from up to date news on the Hearthstone scene, to deck & strategy guides, opinion pieces and more. 

Since we haven't assembled a complete writer crew yet, the content production might be a bit shaky in the beginning, but we're working hard on realizing our goal to publish new stuff daily!

Besides the news & strategy section we also have a "decks" section, were you can find decklists of all kinds. Most of them have a short guide written by our players, while some might be missing, but don't worry they will be added soon as well.

We hope you like the new site's design and the content we'll put out for you!


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About Team Archon

Team Archon

Archon is the leading Hearthstone team with the best players in the world. We aim to bring you the best content through streaming on Twitch, so check our channels out! We also regularly attend Hearthstone tournaments around the world, and have a lot of titles under our belts.

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