By StoTheXx

Have you ever wanted to get involved with the “behind the scenes” of esports? And get paid while doing it?

Then we have some great news for you - Team Archon is expanding and we are opening our doors for several interns to work and live with the team.

Interning for Team Archon means you can get your foot in the door to the rapidly growing industry of esports and continue to hone your skills in the work environment. If those opportunities didn’t already excite you, know that an intern for Team Archon lives with the team. That means free housing, free food, and great company.

Each of these positions has a different focus, with different responsibilities which require a different kind of skillset. The following is a description of each one of our openings:

Office management

An intern for office management helps with overseeing anything that has to do with the organization of the team. This means that duties include planning trips for the players, booking flights, keeping track of appointments, and making sure the Archon calendar is always up-to-date. The intern is expected to be well-organized, being on top of things, and should not be prone to carelessness or error.

Open positions: 1

Requirements: reliable, strong organizational skills

Social Media

This position includes working on all of our social media, as well as on communication with our sponsors, helping with events, giveaways, etc.. Duties include managing all of Archon’s social media outlets, maintaining an online presence for Archon, and the design of promotional materials for posts and events. As this position involves the intern representing the face of Archon on our social media outlets, it is expected that the intern is responsible, mature, and reliable.

Open positions: 1

Requirements: experience with Social Media and Photoshop (attachment of a portfolio is required for this position), effective communication skills, creativity


Video Editing

This video editor intern works with and edits the video media for the team. This typically means editing and uploading three minute long videos to YouTube (similar to the ones currently on Amaz’s YouTube channel), or up to 40 minute long videos to the Archon website. Video content would include highlights, as well as other content created by the team.

Open positions: 1

Requirements: experience with (any) video editing software (attachment of a portfolio is required for this position), creativity



The production intern helps with producing Hearthstone tournaments. The duties span from the planning stages, to administrating the day of the tournament, as well as being able to pick up on how production can be made more effective. Technical knowledge and prior experience with running a tournament is a requirement for this position.

Open positions: 3-4

Requirements: technical knowledge, able to work effectively with others (whether it be other administrators or participants of the tournament)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this United States only?

Yes, it is.

Do I need to have completed post-secondary education to be eligible?

Having a degree is a bonus - it’s the practical skills that are important to us.

Is there an age requirement?

All interns must be at least 18 years of age.

Is this a paid internship?

All interns will hold paid positions.

When do I need to complete my application by?

July 6th, 2015.

This is great - how do I apply?

Please send all applications to [email protected] and specificy which position you are applying for in the subject of the email. Attach portfolios for the positions that require samples to the same email.

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