By StoTheXx

In exactly one week, on July 1st, the Archon Team League Championship will start and jump right into some amazing matches!


In week 1 of our league we will bring you the following matchups:

Team Archon vs Nihilum

Not much that needs to be said here, both teams are filled with talented players, so it should be a lot of fun watching those guys playing it out!

Value Town vs Cloud9

One of the "mystery" teams in the tournament against Cloud9, home to Strifecro & Kolento, both widely renowned as two of the very best players in the game. Can Value Town overwhelm them or will Cloud9 stay on top? We will see!


On July 2nd the other half of our first #ATLC week will be played, this time with the following matches:

Forsenboys vs Tempostorm

And here we have the other "mystery" team playing against Tempostorm. Can Forsen lead his boys to win against against Reynad's team, or will Tempostorm triumph against Dad's army? 

Team Celestial vs Team Liquid

Another great match to watch, as both teams have a lot of strong players, all hungry for a win. Will it be the Liquid boyband, or the chinese powerhouse? 


If you're curious how the other league weeks will look like, here's a little image to give you an overview of Phase 1 of our league:


We all hope you'll enjoy the league as much as we will! Let's hang out at on July 1st and start off the league in a big way!

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Team Archon

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