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Team Archon presents you the Archon Saturday Open, our weekly open tournament series with no player cap & a single deck format! The tournament will feature 5 rounds of Swiss and you will have to submit the class you'll be playing.

All players finishing their tournament run with a score of 5-0 are eligible to an end of the month finals with a $3000 prize pool. We’re also in discussion with Blizzard for Blizzcon points.

In addition to this we will also do giveaways, so everyone finishing all 5 rounds without dropping out of the tournament is eligible to one of our sweet door prizes!

The first few iterations of this tournament series will happen on the NA server only, but we’re working on bringing it to the EU server soon as well!

Our very first Archon Saturday Open will happen on July 11th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT, so if you got the time, come by and let’s play some Hearthstone!


Game Rules

  • Best-of 1
  • 5 rounds of Swiss
  • Games will be played on the NA server
  • Screenshot all your games in case of disagreements and conflicts
  • Players finishing their tournament run with 5-0 are required to submit their decklist & the decklists will be posted on


No-show and disconnection rules

  • You must respond to your opponent within 15 minutes after the round begins. If you do not, you will be handed a game loss. After 30 minutes, you will be dropped from the tournament.
  • Disconnects will result in a game loss for the player who disconnected unless video or screenshot evidence shows that the player had lethal that turn.



  • Check-in for the tournament starts at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT
  • Tournament starts at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT



  • Communication with admins and tournament organizers will take place in Battlefy’s chat system.
  • IRC: #archon on



Players finishing one of the weekly tournaments with a score of 5-0 will be eligible to play in an end of the month tournament with a $3000 prize pool.

  • 1st $1500
  • 2nd $750
  • 3rd $500
  • 4th $250


Door Prizes

We encourage players to play throughout the end, so every player competing until the last match of the tournament is eligible for door prizes! Dropouts are not eligible. These prizes include

  • Archon Apparel
  • G2A Gift cards
  • Func Keyboards and Mice
  • NeedforSeat Chair



We would like to give out a big thanks to all of our sponsors for making this tournament series possible!

  • Func
  • G2A
  • Namecheap
  • NeedforSeat
  • Twitch

We hope you like this new open tournament series and hope to see you soon at one of the tournaments. Let's play some Hearthstone!

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