By cherylchalla

The first Archon Saturday Open is coming this weekend on Saturday, July 11th at 12:00 PM GMT -6:00. You can sign up now by clicking here.

The Archon Saturday Open will be a weekly open tournament series, with no player cap. It will feature a single deck format and 5 rounds of Swiss, allowing for deck changes between rounds. Players who finish their tournament run with a score of 5-0 will be eligible to compete in the end of the month finals, for a chance at a $3,000 prize pool. 

In addition, we will have giveaways to reward all players who finish all 5 rounds without dropping out of the tournament. Door prizes include:

  • G2A gift cards
  • Archon apparel
  • Func keyboards and mice
  • Hearthstone booster packs

Note that the first few iterations of the tournament will take place on the NA server. However, we are working on bringing the tournament to the EU server as soon as we can.

Good luck and have fun, everyone!

The scheduling, contact information, and complete set of rules can be found on the sign-up page.

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