By Noobberry

Firebat brings the Gfinity cup back home again after going 3-0 against Kroba. With this he can add $5,000 dollars plus a total of 50 Blizzcon Points to his list of accomplishments!

After winning Gfinity Spring Masters 1, the World Champion proves himself to be one of the best again by winning another tournament. During the final match, Firebat cleaned up a impressive victory with his Oil Rogue, Freeze Mage and Zoolock.

Firebat and Kroba started out together in the group stages and managed to end up playing together in the final match of the tournament. After popular players such as Reynad, RDU and Lifecoach had fallen, Firebat and Kroba emerged once again in the final match. Firebat clean sweeped the tournament with an impressive 3-0 victory over Kroba.

This is actually the first time in the history of Hearthstone that a player wins a major tournament two times in a row and we're happy that is was one of our teammates.

Firebat will try to go for the tripple in the next event, so let's cheer him on when the next edition of the Gfinity Spring Masters is running!

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