By Noobberry

Special Thanks to HearthTrolden for providing the full Annoy-O-Tron image. Glorious Tryhard Photoshopped art by Noobberry.

ATTENTION ARTISTS! Amaz is hosting a T-SHIRT CONTEST! We’re calling for your artistic talents for an Amaz graphic t-shirt.

And you better be as ready for action as Goldshire Footman, because we’re not reinforcing any creativity restrictions. This means that as long as the shirt is Amaz themed, isn’t plagiarized, and doesn’t include any copyright images, the sky's the limit with this contest.

Better yet, there will be not one but TWO WINNERS. One winning design will be chosen by Amaz himself and the second winner will be decided on by a community poll. The winners will receive their design printed onto a t-shirt signed by Amaz.

Here are the submission guidelines:

  1. All entries must be submitted by August 13th at 6 pm PDT.

  2. Good resolution images only! Must be submitted as a  24in x 36in at 180ppi .PSD file AND .PNG to  [email protected], with the subject “Archon T-Shirt Contest Entry”.
    Example when you open new in Photoshop:

  3. All the shirts will be available in many colours, make sure backgrounds are transparent.

  4. Graphic must be Amaz themed. No plagiarism or copyright images, please!

Entries will be revealed on Amaz’s stream ( on August 17th, during which the winner chosen by Amaz and the community choice winner will be decided.

The two winners will receive the following:

  • The Winning T-Shirts (One Signed by Amaz and one original one)

  • Blizzard Points Gift Card

Good luck!

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