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Team Archon is happy to announce that DeerNadia will be signing on with us for another year!

Since joining in January 2015, Nadia has been a delightful addition to Team Archon and we couldn’t be more pleased to continue our partnership with her. This year Nadia hopes to spend even more time streaming and connecting with her fans. Nadia’s stream has always been a go to place for entertainment and the ever adorable Mochi. Now, in addition to Hearthstone, she’ll be rotating in new games that she has wanted to share with her fans and supporters!

Nadia "DeerNadia" had this to share:

“I'm very excited to be a continued part of Team Archon! Streaming is my life's passion and Archon has really facilitated that and has helped me grow over the past year. I wanted to be a part of Team Archon since I met Amaz for the first time in his Trumpet tie at Blizzcon last year. This happened to be the same month Team Archon was born and I was signed three months later. Backspace is the best Team Manager I could ask for, while Sebastian has been an amazing addition to the team and has recently brought us all even closer. I'm looking forward for what's in store!”


We at Team Archon are excited as well; Nadia has been a perfect fit for the team, and we hope you join us in supporting her efforts in the new year!

Be sure to follow Nadia on Twitter at @ArchonNadia!
Follow Team Archon for the latest updates at @ArchonHS!

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