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The best Hearthstone game show that is making its fourth return… WHAT IS JEOPARINO?

Hearthstone and trivia enthusiasts alike, get your popcorn ready, because Jeoparino is back! On Friday September 11th, watch none other than our ATLC casters Kripparian, Noxious, and Frodan duel it out, armed with nothing but their incredible knowledge of Hearthstone for $5,000 at the Archon House!

Don’t miss out on any of the fun! Be sure to tune in at on September 11th

Previous Jeoparinos:

1: Jeoparino featuring Kripp, Trump and Hafu.

2: Jeoparino 2 Featuring Kripp, Noxious and TidesofTime

3: Super Jeoparino Featuring Kripp, Noxious and Ben Brode


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