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Team Archon eagerly welcomes back Jon “Orange” Westberg with a renewed contract. Orange is a dedicated team player and strong strategic thinker, bringing nothing but positivity to Archon since joining Archon in March 2015.

Orange has been on fire this year, starting with taking the title of champion at the ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series in Katowice. He then grabbed first place again at SeatStory Cup III. Orange went on to prove he is unstoppable, his skills leading him to be crowned the champion of the Abios Grand Tournament. As Archon pushes the frontiers of competitive Hearthstone, Orange’s unwavering spirit is one that is invaluable to the team.

More recently, Orange has casted the Hearthstone APAC Championships. His insightful casting demonstrated both his thorough understanding of the game and his ability to lead as a community figure.

Orange had this to say:

"I couldn't be more excited to sign with Archon for another year. My life has been taking a huge turn this year thanks to my Hearthstone-career. I feel like Archon has helped me evolve both as a player and person during this time. Not only that, but living in the teamhouse have taught me to not only respect my teammates as players/managers/admins, but also to treat them as the close friends they've become.

I see a lot of potential in Team Archon and I am sure that 2016 will be a huge year for Hearthstone and experiencing that with this team couldn't make me happier. As for myself, I will work even harder to get recognized as one of the top tournament-players while also providing lots of content for you guys at home via my stream and our website. I know how hard everyone on the team works already and I will work just as hard, together we will accomplish great things"

Team Manager, Brent "Backspace" Kaskel had this to add as well:

"We love Orange at Archon and we're absolutely ecstatic that we're able to bring him back. Between his solid play and amazing hair, we're really excited to see what's in store for Orange and to see the fruits of Orange's hard work and dedication this next year and beyond."

Team Archon is blessed to have Orange on board once again and looks forward to continue to achieve great things with Archon Orange.

Please follow him on Twitter at @ArchonOrange

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