By StoTheXx

Another day, another new piece of information for you guys! Today it's the player list for each team participating in the league. We hope you're as hyped as we are!

So let's take a look at the list and talk a bit about who's gonna play:



Team Celestial sends powerhouse Tiddler, as well as Silentstorm & FrozenIce into battle. Can swag lord Tiddler lead the team to victory?


Team Liquid brings you Savjz, Sjow & Neirea. Some might say that this is the team with the cutest accents, but who knows? 


Tempostorm is sending their newest addition to the team, Eloise, and her two knights Gaara & Hyped to battle, which means no Reynad, sorry people!


Team Archon is sending World Champion Firebat, ladder juggernaut Xixo as well as duckling Zalae to the party, so it's gonna get frothy for sure!


Nihilum brings you Lifecoach, RDU & Thijs, while Lothar will be cheering for them with his personal chearleader squad! Honestly, everything is possible with Lothar.


Cloud 9 sends their two powerhouses, Strifecro & pirateking Kolento, to the show. Hopefully snow princess Ekop isn't too busy posing for another poster, because he's in C9's lineup as well!


Now to the two "mystery" teams, Value Town & the Forsenboys.

Value Town brings their mayor, Trump, Dragonmaster Brian "Brian Kibler" Kibler & the most awesome puppy in the world, coL Dog, to the show. Such value!


Forsenboys, lead by Forsen himself, takes Dignitas Chakki & Root Ostkaka to the slugfest. This is going straight to your face for sure.


We hope you like the lineup!

Tune in to next week on July 1st & 2nd for Day 1 of the #ATLC and cheer on your favorite team!

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