By StoTheXx

The first week of our Archon Team League Championship just ended and all teams finished their first series.


If you're curious about what decks they brought, we got good news for you! Below you'll find all the decks played in Week 1, maybe you'll find something interesting to test it out!


Day 1 - Match 1


Team Archon


Firebat: Mage & Warlock

Xixo: Hunter & Rogue

Zalae: Druid & Warrior



Lifecoach: Warlock & Warrior

RDU: Hunter & Paladin

Thijs: Druid & Rogue

Day 1 - Match 2


Value Town


Trump: Warrior & Warlock

Dog: Mage & Rogue

Kibler: Shaman & Hunter

Cloud 9


Strifecro: Mage & Paladin

Kolento: Warrior & Rogue

Ekop: Hunter & Warlock

Day 2 - Match 1




Forsen: Warlock & Mage

Chakki: Hunter & Paladin

Ostkaka: Druid & Warrior

Tempo Storm


Hyped: Warrior & Rogue

Gaara: Hunter & Paladin

Eloise: Druid & Warlock

Day 2 - Match 2


Team Celestial


Tiddler: Druid & Warrior

Silentstorm: Shaman & Warlock

FrozenIce: Rogue & Hunter

Team Liquid


Savjz: Druid & Warlock

Sjow: Warrior & Hunter

Neirea: Rogue & Mage


We hope you all enjoyed this week's games and will tune in again next Wednesday & Thursday, when it's time for Week 2 of the Archon Team League Championship!

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