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On July 6th and 7th, Archon Orange and Xixo, teamed up with Cloud 9’s Kolento and Brazilian’s all-star player Leomane as Team Salty Serenity battled against South Korea’s Team $12,000. Team $12,000 consisted of Seulsiho, Cocoa, Taesang and OGN Hearthstone KR Season 2 winner Surrender.

The event lasted two days with Team Salty Serenity taking both days against the South Koreans, with a score of 4-2 in day 1 and 4-3 in day 2.

Thoughts on the Korean Scene from the Team Salty Serenity:

Archon Orange: “The Korean scene was really different than the EU/NA scene. They played a lot of decks that aren’t very popular here which made it really interesting.”

Archon Xixo: “With thousands of people watching on TV, Korean esport's production and popularity is on a whole different level."

Leomane:I find that the NA/EU scene is far better than Korean scene , but since they have a lot of investment because Korea, I think they can get much much better”


Brazil’s Leomane

Kolento: “The Korean approach to eSports left a mark on Hearthstone progamers as well. Players are really competitive and try to do their best, which probably makes them feel more nervous than EU and NA players (or it's because of a spicy food they eat).”

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