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We are proud to announce that James “Firebat” Kostesich has renewed his contract with Team Archon and will continue to proudly represent Archon. Firebat’s competitive spirit and impressive achievements will continue to propel Team Archon toward our ultimate goal – to be the very best in order to lead the Hearthstone scene.

Firebat catapulted into the elite scene in late 2014, when he was crowned the 2014 Hearthstone World Champion. From then, he continued on with a string of top finishes in a variety of tournaments. In the past 3 months alone, Firebat placed in the top 4 in the Abios Grand Tournament and was the champion in both the StarLadder Hearthstone Kick-Off Season and the CN vs NA Challenge.

The greatest attribute to Firebat that makes him such great fit in Archon, however, is not his incredible skill at the game, but his love for the community. Firebat hosted his very own Firebat Swiss Open Tournament in late September. He had organized the Open with the idea that every great player can have the potential to be a “world champion” if given the right opportunities.

We reached out to Firebat and he had some amazing words to add!

I had countless teams approach me as my contract was coming to an end, but for my upcoming 2016 year, I have re-signed with Archon. I choose to stay with my boys for their ability to adapt and overcome challenges, and their efforts in the Hearthstone community.

Archon’s inner workings have changed so much over the last year. The constant improvements and tweaks to the behind the scenes of the team really shows me that the members care. When the team first started things, things did not come together instantly, but all of the team worked hard to build Archon and I am impressed with what we've accomplished in only one year.

However, I am more impressed by the fact that Archon is still seeking out every possible way to improve. Aside from the self improvement of the organization, the emphasis on Hearthstone that Archon shows is something I personally value very highly.

The amount of dedication to Hearthstone that Archon has can be seen by the amount of Hearthstone events they have put on in the last year. Hearthstone is a game I love and the community around it is something I want to support and I am very happy that my team supports it as well. The team not only helps but also encourages my Firebat Swiss Open Tournament series even knowing that open tournaments are not very profitable because they understand the passion I have for the open scene. 

I am just really proud to be part of a team where all of the members, players and managers/executives, care about the Hearthstone scene and are truly putting in the extra effort to be successful as a group rather than individuals.

With words like that, there's nothing more to say than that we're excited to continue to achieve the very best with the man who has been there since the inception of the team, our very own Archon Firebat.

Please follow him on Twitter @Archon_Firebat

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