By StoTheXx

First off all, a big THANK YOU to all the people that applied for the open writer positions; you're all awesome. 

A little over a week ago, we opened the doors for you guys to send in your applications and, after going through all of them, we have finally decided on a crew we feel confident about.

That doesn't mean that our new crewmembers were the only ones with awesome applications, but since we only had a limited amount of open positions, we couldn't take you all in. 

Right now we're all in the middle of brainstorming ideas for content, schedules etc., so you can expect us to deliver quality content on a regular basis very soon. Stay tuned!

For all of those who applied for the open positions, we're sorry we couldn't reply to all of you, but we were really happy to see a ton of great people applying to write for our site! 

In the future we might need additional writers again, so hopefully we will see each other next time!

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