By cherylchalla

The 2015 Dreamhack Hearthstone Grand Prix comes to a close, with Xieyu “TiddlerCelestial” Wang, a prominent Chinese player, taking home the grand prize of $12,500 USD. Team Archon achieved impressive finishes as well, with Amaz making it out of the group stages and into the playoffs as one of the Top 8 and Purple finishing Top 28 out of 128 players.

This tournament implemented a 7-round Swiss format for the group stages, followed by single elimination brackets for the Top 8 players who made it into the playoffs. The Top 8 players were Amaz, Hawkeye, Dog, NikoThegreat, Chakki, TiddlerCelestial, Un33d, and AKAWonder.

In the semi-finals, Dog took a 3-1 win over Chakki to advance to the finals. TiddlerCelestial reverse swept AKAWonder, the last European standing in the tournament, ending the series with a score of 3-2.

The final series between Dog and TiddlerCelestial was nothing short of intense. The series was a back and forth battle that eventually tied at 2-2. It came down to TiddlerCelestial taking the third and final match with his midrange Zoo over Dog’s Patron Warrior.

Congratulations to TiddlerCelestial on his first major tournament title, as well as to our very own Team Archon members for their great finishes at Dreamhack Summer 2015!

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