Twitter raffle - Problems with redeeming the codes

In March 9, 2015

This is for all the guys that won a $10 gift code from Amazon in our raffle a few days ago and had problems with redeeming the codes.

Due to some slight miscommunication within the promotion team we were first under the impression that the codes we send out were for regular gift cards, which they are not.

They are actually for Amazon Coins, which you can use for in-app purchases, so buying Hearthstone packs for example.

One of the winners in our raffle, @horribleplayer, was able to redeem the code, purchase Hearthstone packs and wrote a little guide on how he did it. Big thanks to him!

This guide is for all you guys that have an Android device & want to buy Hearthstone packs. It should also work for Kindle Fire devices and other apps besides Hearthstone in a similar fashion.

  1. Navigate to …
  1. Redeem the code you got from @ArchonHS. There may be no confirmation that the code was successful (since it’s an Amazon Coins code, the balance may show $0.00, as it only shows the $ balance). If there is a failure, attempt to redeem a second time.
  1. Open Hearthstone on your Android tablet. Note: The Hearthstone app needs to be installed from the Amazon app store. If it was installed from Google Play, you cannot redeem the code! So you may need to install the Amazon app store and re-download Hearthstone.
  1. Go to the Hearthstone shop and begin the transaction to purchase 7 packs ($9.99).
  1. When offered payment options, select Pay Now with One-click.
  1. Allow the transaction to complete.
  1. On your computer, navigate to …
  1. Verify the last transaction was for $0.00

Note: If for some reason the transaction does not consume the gift card, contact Amazon support to have the credit corrected or the transaction reversed.


Now, if you don’t have an Android device, you need to run an Android emulator, like AMIDuOS. This emulator only works for Windows though and has a 30 day trial, but it gets the trick done.

1. Install the emulator.

2. Download the Amazon appstore if needed (should be pre-installed).
Note: it is very possible that the emulator is kinda laggy, please bear with it.

3. Download Hearthstone.

4. Now you can proceed like in the above Android guide and redeem your code. Follow all the steps to the end.

The same steps should work for other operation systems as well, you just need to find an Android emulator for your OS.

From my past experience (there was a big promotion for Amazon Coins when GvG was released, for which i used an emulator) the emulator called “Bluestacks” doesn’t work for this. This was ~4 month ago and i don’t have any knowledge of it working for above guides now.


If all this doesn’t help you and you’re still unable to redeem the code, please contact us, so we can sort this out.

We’re really sorry for the trouble, it really didn’t go as planned. We will keep on improving so we can run things smoothly in the future!

Team Archon