Team Archon grows - Welcome Zalae & PurpleDrank

In March 9, 2015

Today we are expanding our team with two great guys and awesome players. After the addition of Xixo and Nadia earlier this year we’re happy to announce that Paul “Zalae” Nemeth & Ryan “PurpleDrank” Murphy-Root will join the Team Archon family.

Both of them just moved into our gaming house in Texas, so the house will be even livelier than before! Brace yourself for some cool in-house streams!B_of-1EU0AAt2BJfrom left to right: PurpleDrank, Firebat, Zalae, Kitkatz, Urbanelf

Zalae will join our team as a player, strengthening our roster even further while PurpleDrank will take on the role of the team coach. It’s getting interesting, guys!

About the players

“Paul is a relative newcomer to the Hearthstone scene but not to competitive gaming. He has a state chess championship and a Magic Online player of the year title under his belt and he recently made a name for himself playing through the open bracket of the ESL Legendary series, winning $2000 while showing off his creative side with decks such as combo warlock and midrange troll warrior. Gosugamers ranks him 21st in the world with a 77% win rate.”

“Ryan is the newest member of our team and will act as our team’s coach. He has helped prepare Archon’s players for tournaments for the better part of a year dating back to Firebat’s Blizzcon 2014 victory. Ryan analyses and scouts opponents to help Archon’s players build optimal decklists and lineups for upcoming events and being a regular top 10 legend player, Ryan is also highly valued as a practice partner. He has consistently been at the top of the North American ladder playing non-standard deck list’s including Cold Light Oracle Miracle Rogue, Mech Shaman, and Giants Shaman. Since moving to the Archon house, Purpledrank has started streaming on twitch.tv and has changed Archon Firebat’s diet from ice cream and Goldfish to cooked meals.”

Of course team founder Amaz has an official statement for you as well:

“I would like to welcome both Zalae and Purpledrank into the Archon family. They have just moved in to our gaming house in Texas and I do hope they enjoy it there - the house is starting to get filled up!

I was quite impressed by Zalae’s play especially in the ESL Legendary Series. The OTK Warlock deck is definitely one most people remember. We are excited to bring him in as one of our pro players.

I also played with Purpledrank numerous times and his knowledge of the game is amazing, not to mention he also coaches our Blizzcon World Champion Firebat. He will be joining the team under the title of Archon Coach.

These players will be active in the community so make sure you follow their streams and twitters!”