• Warrior real

    Kitkatz the warrior god

    the newest warrior deck by kitkatz!   The best matchups for warrior are rogue, priest, freeze mage, and warlock. The weak matchups are mech mage, paladin, and combo Druid. The cards you want to keep in your opening hand are fiery war axe, acolyte, and death’s bite. If you...
  • Shaman Purples

    PurpleDrank’s Mech Shaman

    PurpleDrank’s Mech Shaman is a new look into Shaman
  • Paladin nadias

    DeerNadia Owladin

    Introduction This midrange paladin deck by DeerNadia brings a strong favour against aggressive decks and control decks. The double Ironbeak owls bring the upper advantage against creatures targeted with effects to increase the tempo of your game. The weakest matchups are Priest and Rogue.   Mulligans  Zombie Chow Shielded...
  • Priest

    Amaz is Bringing All the Bling!

    Amaz amazes us with his signature Blingtron Priest deck, while showing off all the combos and tricks! Introduction This Priest deck is especially strong against aggro and control decks, with an emphasis against weapon classes. Matchups against midrange decks such as Druids and Rogues are more challenging.   Mulligans...
  • Druid

    Firebat With Sneed’s New Ramp

    Firebat shows off a new look into Ramp Druid deck building.   Specific Matchups: Warrior: Tech Cards 2nd BGH for MC Tech You won’t be able to get mind control tech value against warrior unless they have a minion on board and drops Dr. Boom. BGH in this matchup...
  • Warrior nadia's

    Nadia’s Crushin’ it with Warrior

    Writer: Julio “Noobberry” Liu DeerNadia’s “Crush” Warrior guide. Introduction HeyGuys, Noobberry here and I’m writing about Nadia’s Warrior deck which features the signature removal card “Crush”. This control warrior deck exceeds in the late game but struggles difficultly against decks that swarm amounts of tokens such as Shaman and...
  • Paladin amaz

    AmazHS WrathGate

    Written by Julio “Noobberry” Liu Amaz’s Paladin “Wrathgate” Deck Introduction Hello I’m Noobberry, This control Paladin deck deals with early control with cheap and early minions while using late game bombs to finish the game such as Avenging Wrath, Dr.Boom and Tirion Fordring. Decklist Mulligans During mulligan phrase, look...