By StoTheXx

The World Cyber Arena Qualifier for the North American region just concluded, with our very own Zalae winning the finals in a close 3-2 series over team founder Amaz.

The tournament started off with Zalae winning 3-2 over team mate Firebat, followed by Amaz beating Dignitas Chakki with another 3-2 score.

In the finals Amaz managed to tie the series 2-2 after being behind 0-2. Now both players left with just the Warlock class, Zalae brought forth his Handlock deck, while Amaz's came prepared with his Zoolock deck. Sadly Amaz was short 1 damage in the end and conceded, bringing Zalae victory.

In an offline match the third place match was played by Firebat vs Chakki, a match Firebat won with a strong 3-0, making Team Archon 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the tournament.

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