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The 2015 Dreamhack Summer Grand Prix has just concluded its group stages, which implemented a 7-round Swiss format, where the Top 8 players advance to the playoffs. The Swiss format is a non-elimination format; player match making is done by pairing players with the same match points. To make Top 8, a player must finish with a score of at least 6-1, meaning losing two or more series effectively outs the player. Each series is played in a Best of 5 Conquest format.

Team Archon wraps up a bittersweet day today at Day 2 of the 2015 Dreamhack Summer Grand Prix. Amaz (6-1) will be the sole Archon hope advancing to the playoffs tomorrow. Purple and Xixo finish their run in this tournament, with scores of 5-2 and 2-4 respectively.

Purple achieved wins against both Hoej and Forsen, losing only to Kaldi. Amaz pulled an incredible three wins in a row, with his series against Yogg featured on stream.

Although both Amaz and Purple started the day strong, entering round 6 with a score of 5-1, the two teammates were unfortunately pitted against one another in round 7. The series was featured on stream, with Xixo at the casting table. Amaz defeated Purple in a nail-biting 3-2 series, earning Amaz a spot in the playoffs and a chance at the $40,000 USD prize pool.

In addition to Amaz, the players who will advance to the playoffs are Hawkeye, TiddlerCelestial, Un33d, NikoThegreat, Chakki, AKAWonder, and Dog.

For those following the tournament in Jonkoping, don’t forget that the entirety of Team Archon will be doing a fan meetup at the Dreamhack (syd) Signing Area tomorrow (June 15) at 15:00 CET (click here for details). Those tuning in from home can cheer Amaz on in the playoffs as “A M A Z B O Y S” at The playoffs will be single elimination and the round of 8 begins tomorrow (June 15) at 12:00 CET. Amaz's first opponent will be TiddlerCelestial.

A complete list of the results and standings can be found here.

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