DeerNadia Owladin

In February 14, 2015

This midrange paladin deck by DeerNadia brings a strong favour against aggressive decks and control decks. The double Ironbeak owls bring the upper advantage against creatures targeted with effects to increase the tempo of your game. The weakest matchups are Priest and Rogue.



  • Zombie Chow
  • Shielded Minibot
  • Muster for Battle
  • Truesilver if hand is already strong

Situational Keeps:
Most Classes
Aldor Peacekeeper - Great keep against midrange decks to stop them from doing too much damage. It turns big dudes slayers into smaller dude slayers!
Loatheb – Strong against control especially Rogues.
Big Hunter Hunter – Only you think you are dealing against a Handlock.

Combo and Synergies:

Knife Juggler + Muster to Battle
Knife juggler and Muster to Battle is one of the most common combos in the game. When played, you get to inflict a total of three knives from your knife juggler from the Silverhand Recruits as well as damage from your weapon. This combo favours against aggro decks since it maintains board control as well against creating damage against your opponent’s creature without the use of your minions.
Captain Greenskin + Any 6 weapons you have.
Captain Greenskin is a value legendary card which increases your weapon damage and charge by one. A great card to apply the bonus to is TrueSilver Champion since it deals with a lot of 5 health minions in the game such as Sludge Belchers, Loatheb, Shieldmaiden and Senjin Shieldmasta.
Muster to Battle + Quartermaster (8 Mana)
This grandmaster combo for this deck that shines defines what a Paladin. This devastating combo that brings control entire board with 3 buffed up 3/3 Silverhand Recruits and an extra 2/5 creature onto the board with a Light’s Justice. Quartermaster’s effect gives your recruits the extra buffs it needs to build a stronger board.


Deck Techs:

If targeting against Aggro consider the following cards:

  • 1x Antique Healbot
  • Wild Pyromancer + Equality
  • Mind Control TechConsider taking out: Greenskin, The Black Knight, one Quartermaster and 1 Ironbeak Owl.

If targeting against Midrange…

  • One Equality
  • Wild Pyromancer (Combined with Equality)
  • Stampeding Kodo (Combining Aldor Peacekeeper or Humility)Consider taking out: 1 Quartermaster, Coghammer, Defender of Argus, and 1 Zombie Chow.

If targeting against Control…

  • Extra Big Game Hunter
  • Lay On Hands
  • Harrison Jones
  • Keep Pressing your hero button
  • Consider taking out: 1 Ironbeak Owl, 1 Consecration, Defender of Argus, or Coghammer.


Decklist: Deer “Nadia” Nadia

Writer: Julio “Noobberry” Liu

Editor: Tobias “dyNa” John