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    January’s Top 16 on the Road to Blizzcon 2015

    By Team Archon
    In February 16, 2015
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    Not too long ago Blizzard announced the new qualification system for the Hearthstone World Championship 2015 and the first ranked ladder season using it just ended, so we decided to take a look at the top contenders of January. Since the Road to Blizzcon was build on a Top...
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    Pinnacle 3 happening on Feb 24th - 26th

    By Team Archon
    In February 15, 2015
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      Team Archon presents you the third iteration of The Pinnacle tournament, this time with invited players like our very own Sebastian ”Xixo” Bentert, Cloud 9’s Kolento, Tempo Storm’s Gaara, TSM’s Massan and Complexity’s Dog. These five invitees will compete with the three qualified players Forsen, Ekop and Faramir for a total...