By StoTheXx

Team Archon has some exciting news today, as we are happy to announce our partnership with Func!

Func is a company dedicated to deliver high quality gaming peripherals, something we already had the pleasure of extensively testing out, as they fully equipped us with gaming mice, headsets and more. Basically everything our gamer hearts desired.

Additionally they will also support the team and future team projects, like online tournaments & house cups - giving us the freedom to tackle new aspects of Hearthstone and eSports in general as well.

Func, with their experienced eSports representatives, has a history of closely working with teams and players and we’re very glad to now be part of that. Together we will venture deeper into eSports, bringing life to new projects, new products, new experiences and growth to Func as well as our team, Archon.

And especially for our fans out there, who always support us - we will produce a collection of Team Archon gear in cooperation with Func! We hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are.

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Team Archon

Archon is the leading Hearthstone team with the best players in the world. We aim to bring you the best content through streaming on Twitch, so check our channels out! We also regularly attend Hearthstone tournaments around the world, and have a lot of titles under our belts.

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